How to haggle in Marrakech

Marrakech is a major city in Morocco here in our beautiful continent of Africa. I went to Marrakech and I realized that everyone that visits Marrakech leaves with a degree “A Phd in Bargaining”. Moroccans make Nigerians look like they only got taught bargaining at primary school. Here are my top tips on how to haggle/bargain in Marrakech.

1. Vendors Price

Pay zero attention to the First price the vendor calls out. You can laugh as a sign of acknowledgement to let him know that that price was certainly a joke…an expensive but very funny joke. To let let this price anchor you or affect your final price.

2. Ask for the Vendor’s final price

As in (1) above, pay zero attention and laugh

3. Your Offer

Your next offer has nothing to do with the first offer by the vendor. On average your offer should be between 5-10% of offer in (2)

4. Digress

Start paying attention to another product in the vendor stall and start pricing that instead

5. Leave

Tell the vendor how much you like the products but too expensive but you will be back tomorrow.

6. Shop post 6pm

Try and make purchases in the evening when vendors are worn out from all the haggling degrees they gave out during the day.

7. Say You’re African

Tell the vendor you are also African hence family so he/she shouldn’t give you the price for foreigners as we all know the deal.

Perhaps you have also been to Marrakech and have some bargaining tips to offer, Do share xx


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