A guide to visiting the Philippines

The beauty of my being at business school at ‘INSEAD’ is no doubt the diverse beings that attend this institution. Being at this highly diverse business school definitely is a gateway to exploring new cultures. Over a month ago whilst I was on the campus in France, a classmate decided to organize a trip to their home country, the Philippines. About 70 of us embarked on the trip to Cebu (An island province in the Philippines) a couple of weeks ago. From taking in the local sites to attending the Sinulog religious festival (not quite what I expected but no doubt fun – perhaps the ‘religious’ part should be removed) to swimming with whale SHARKS (my mother would have said ‘Funke, you have eaten well and are full right?, because if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be looking for trouble) to trying out the local delicacies, the amazing 7 US dollar thai massages (Honestly, these massages were better that the $300 massages I had at the Four Seasons in the Seychelles #FeelingRobbed) and visiting the beautiful Tumalog waterfalls, I was sold on the Philippines. We also took some time to also relax for lunch at the beautiful Shrangi-La’s resort in Cebu. We had a truly memorable experience and below is a little window into our experience. #Enjoy….stay tuned for more on #SassysTravelgram