I had never heard about Oktoberfest before in my life but a few german friends mentioned festival, germans and beer and I was down. For those that have never heard of it. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival held yearly in Munich, Germany. Think beer, amusement park rides, games, traditional german food and you have Oktoberfest. I went to Oktoberfest dressed in my jeans and a casual top. Before I venturned into the festival (seeing how everyone was dressed and how I didn’t want to look like a tourist), I invested a decent amount into a traditional german outfit (I convinced myself it would be useful in the future for halloween and future Oktoberfests).


En-route to Oktoberfest – Taking the train from our Air BnB accommodation to the festival. You can see how we actually dressed to the festival.



The crew all cheese for the camera


Trying out some well brewed german beer at the festival in our newly purchases attire #WhenInRome…


Took me forever to finish this up. It was sure goooood….I ate to many different types of sausages on this trip, that I don’t remember the name of any.



Indecent behavior at the festival was controlled by the german officer….trust me, these officers were needed.


Making friends and drinking beer at the festival

What I loved about Oktoberfest: The energy. Everyone down to have a good time and just getting on with it. Very well organised festival

What I hated about Oktoberfest: The walking: but I guess that is what festivals are about

Would I go back: 100% YES

Tips: Get to Oktoberfest early, if you want a seat that is (unless you have booked tables in advance). Ensure you have a way to communicate with friends as you may likely lose them in the vast crowds. Sleep well, as its going to be a long few days. 🙂


Have you attended Oktoberfest before? If so, what did you love or hate about it? If you need any tips, please feel free to ask.