This trip to Zanzibar was not a well planned one, in that I only decided a week before to venture there. It was certainly a trip which I don’t regret. Zanzibar was quiet, peaceful, clean and warm. All that I needed for a moment of self reflection and stillness. Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. I spent 3 nights in Zanzibar and this is what I got up to, where I stayed and all that’s in-between bearing in mind I wasn’t planning on breaking my budget.


About to catch my flight from Dar es Salaam (after flying in from Nigeria via Ethiopian airlines the night before)


“I made it” This is how I got to Zanzibar. On a little propeller plane from Dar es Salaam (a major city in Tanzania). #NotForTheFaintHearted but I slept like a baby on the 35 min flight.



The streets of Zanzibar en-route to my hotel


I stayed at an all-inclusive. The beauty of an all-inclusive is that you control your budget as your hotel payment includes accommodation, meals and drinks.


The all-inclusive accommodation at the Neptune Pwani Resort in Zanzibar located right on the beach.


Loved the rustic feel to the hotel room and of course those all important mosquito nets


Balcony goals anyone?


At the coconut dispensary on the resort



Spa goals?


Above at the full moon party at the Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel in Zanzibar. The full moon party is in the Top 10 of full moon parties in the world. Food, good vibes, music from tanzanian artists, beach vibes. A worth while night for 2 hours before my bed called me 🙂


Exploring the streets of Stone town, Zanzibar with our driver turned tour guide (a cheap trick to save money by the way). Driver are well traveled people in a city.


A museum in stone town


Market stall in Stone Town


Views from the Zanzibar ferry port from Mercury’s restaurant (ordered a pretty decent pizza from here because I was nearly late for my ferry). Honestly the pizza was better than any pizza I’ve had in Nigeria but certainly not better than the ones I’ve had in Italy. Took the ferry back to Dar es Salaam and was impressed by the cleanliness and order of it all.

What I loved about Zanzibar: Quietness, beautiful beach, water sports, polite people/staff (It is incredible what value add customer service can be)

What I would have change: I wish I explored more i.e. take the “spice tour” (an apparent must in zanzibar) and visited more monuments

Perfect for: Retreats, Honeymoons, Girls getaway

Tips: Book your transport ferry in advance to avoid disappointment. Reserve all the unique restaurants for all nights once you arrive if you are not keen at eating at the buffet in case you stay at an all inclusive resort.

Would I go back: Yes!!!

Have you been to Zanzibar before? If so what did you enjoy the most and would recommend for anyone visiting Zanzibar?