Probably the best view in the world – Halong Bay, Vietnam

I did not know I was about to be stunned when I agreed to venture to Vietnam with friends. As part of the trip, we visited Ha Long Bay which is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre which means pretty much means its a big deal i.e. an amazing place that the UN sees the need to protected. This is Halong Bay through my eyes #Enjoy:


Approaching our ship for the weekend. Complete luxury built with Spa, a beautiful deck.


The stunning accommodations which all had full views of the bay.


This view from the top of the cruise ship


Enjoying some vietnamese delicacies cooked by our chefs who prepared all our meals on board


Views to literally die for…We sailed for the weekend, whilst taking time our to kayak, view caves and explore the beauty the bay has to offer


Chilling with some of the crew on deck #MobilePhoneAddicts


Melanin on deck. Honestly, this trip is a MUST. I pretty much decided on this trip that I would never stop exploring the beauty this world has to offer. So many times, we get stuck in our day to day routines and forget at time the world out there. I never want to forget the world out there.


What I loved: The views, The VIEWS, The VIEWS!!!!  Also the people (their warmth) and how inexpensive things were compared to the west (London and Lagos is my reference point FYI)

What I didn’t like: The fact that I didn’t stay longer (I spent only 3 days)

Would I go back?: Do you even need to ask? 100%.

Is there a location on earth that you’ve been to and you think its a MUST? Please share 🙂

Hanoi – A Visual Diary

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and known for its centuries-old architecture and a rich culture with Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences. I was in Hanoi for 2 nights and here is my visual diary (because sometimes words aren’t just enough):



Typical street in buzzing Hanoi. This picture was taken at 7am in the morning before the hustle and bustle began.


Some yummy sugar-filled street food anyone?



We stayed at the Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa an incredible hotel. I was impressed by how nice this hotel was in terms of the little details, the decor of the rooms and the service. At times unknown name brands are the way to go #DontBeASnobIfItsNotAFourSeasons



With the crew visiting the famous Temple of the Jade Mountain which is on the beautiful Ho Hoan Kiem lake.


Exploring artefacts at the temple

The tourist in me here visiting St. Joseph’s cathedral in Hanoi



Some interesting and extremely cheap street food in Hanoi slushed down with some Hanoi beer. I felt food in Hanoi was very fresh and tasted somewhat healthy compared to food in the west.



Downtime at the beautiful (I mean STUNNING) Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, Hanoi #PureLuxury and the drinks and service here was simply DIVINE. Did I mention that the hotel is an award-winning colonial and neo-classical luxury hotel?


Drinks at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi #Yummmmm

I forgot to mention that one of my highlights in Hanoi was actually the nightlife. There were many little bars and clubs, some very well hidden, all with influences from the west with regard to music.

What did I love about Hanoi: The culture, the food and how affordable things were. The people were also super warm. Not sure Hanoi receives many dark coloured sisters so I got stares but warm stares at that.

What did I hate: Not staying longer. You know that feeling when you get a dose of something great and in a flash its gone…yes that feeling.

Would I go back: Hell YES!!!

Have you been to Vietnam before? If so, what did you love about it the most? Share with us other Sassy adventurous readers 🙂