Single but still went to the Maldives

Maldives is certainly a destination known for honeymooners but given I was in Singapore studying my Masters for a few months and flights were not expensive, I thought why not? Maybe it would be a great way to scout whether or not I wanted to spend my future honeymoon here. Scroll down for what I got up to and my decision on whether I would come here for my future honeymoon:


Watching the sunset was a definite must.

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We stayed at the luxury resort Adaaran Hudhuran Fushi, Maldives. There were options to stay in these beautiful villas or lands huts at the resort. Truth is my bank account could only afford huts lol #NeedToWinTheLottery #WithExpensiveTastesLikeMine

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Explored nature on the island. How amazing is this tree formation??!!

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With another sassy soul #MissAdela Did I mention we took a weekend break from classes in Singapore for a weekend in the Maldives? We still had to hand in our assignments by Monday!! #Multitaskers


Of course, no beach holiday is complete without water sports. From Kayaking to Surfing to Jet skiing, there were a lot of activities to do at the resort.

What I loved: The views (To die for), The little sharks i saw

What I didn’t like so much: The food (I am a foodie and really picky, the buffet selection was fresh but nothing mind blowing)

Would I go back: Well not necessarily unless I was on my honeymoon. I feel the allure of the Maldives is for couples on their honeymoons. I was a bit bored after 2 days. I would want to try somewhere else like Bora Bora. Why go somewhere twice when you have the whole world to explore 🙂


Have you been to the Maldives before and what did you love the most about it?