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Happy February! Hope you all are having a fantastic year so far. I have decided on providing to you all some very useful resource, that is a list of all countries that NIGERIANS, yes we NIGERIANS are allowed to travel to “VISA FREE” or “VISA-ON-ARRIVAL”

VISA-FREE – means that u can enter the country without a visa for a specified period of time

VISA-ON-ARRIVAL – means that you need a visa to enter, but can apply for and receive the visa when you show up in the country at the border

NOTE that this list is subject to change as countries can decide to change entry requirements for Nigerian Nationals (I literally called up the consulates for most of the countries below as I am don’t quite trust a lot of the information floating on the internet). I strongly advise that you confirm the information below before making any travel plans as “Sassy Funke” is not responsible for any error that arise from the use of the information below

Here is the list of Visa-Free countries for Nigerians (by continent):


(1) Benin Republic (Visa free)

(2) Burkina Faso (Visa free)

(3) Cameroon (Visa free)

(4) Cape Verde (Visa free)

(5) Cote d’Ivoire (Visa free)

(6) Gambia (Visa free)

(7) Ghana (Visa free)

(8) Guinea (Visa free)

(9) Guinea Bissau (Visa free)

(10) Kenya (Visa on arrival)

(11) Liberia (Visa free)

(12) Mali (Visa free)

(13) Niger Republic (Visa free)

(14) Sierra Leone (Visa free)

(15) Togo (Visa free)

(16) Senegal ( Visa free )

(17) Seychelles (Visa on arrival)

(18) Tanzania (Visa on arrival)

(19) Mozambique (Visa on arrival)

(20) Uganda (Visa on arrival subject to online pre-approval application)

(21) Somalia (Visa on arrival )

(22) Mauritius (Visa for two weeks on arrival)

(23) Mauritania (Visa on arrival)




(24) Barbados (Visa free)

(25) Haiti (Visa free)



(26) Maldives (Visa on arrival)

(27) Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorisation – Pre-travel)

There are some countries missing from the list because I have not yet verified from the embassies myself. I will continue to update throughout the course of the year.

I hope the list proves useful to you all. As I mentioned, ensure to verify all information before making any travel decisions.


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