I had never heard about Oktoberfest before in my life but a few german friends mentioned festival, germans and beer and I was down. For those that have never heard of it. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival held yearly in Munich, Germany. Think beer, amusement park rides, games, traditional german food¬†and you have Oktoberfest. I went to Oktoberfest dressed in my jeans and a casual top. Before I venturned into the festival (seeing how everyone was dressed and how I didn’t want to look like a tourist), I invested a decent amount into a traditional german outfit (I convinced myself it would be useful in the future for halloween and future Oktoberfests).


En-route to Oktoberfest – Taking the train from our Air BnB accommodation to the festival. You can see how we actually dressed to the festival.



The crew all cheese for the camera


Trying out some well brewed german beer at the festival in our newly purchases attire #WhenInRome…


Took me forever to finish this up. It was sure goooood….I ate to many different types of sausages on this trip, that I don’t remember the name of any.



Indecent behavior at the festival was controlled by the german officer….trust me, these officers were needed.


Making friends and drinking beer at the festival

What I loved about Oktoberfest: The energy. Everyone down to have a good time and just getting on with it. Very well organised festival

What I hated about Oktoberfest: The walking: but I guess that is what festivals are about

Would I go back: 100% YES

Tips: Get to Oktoberfest early, if you want a seat that is (unless you have booked tables in advance). Ensure you have a way to communicate with friends as you may likely lose them in the vast crowds. Sleep well, as its going to be a long few days. ūüôā


Have you attended Oktoberfest before? If so, what did you love or hate about it? If you need any tips, please feel free to ask.


Croatia is what I call a pleasant surprise, a surprise I hadn’t heard much about in all my years of living in Europe. All I knew was that this beautiful country was home to the set of the tv show “Game of Thrones”. My visit to Croatia took me to visit Dubrovnik (a city in Southern Croatia known for its stunning old town with large stone walls) and Split (a town in the¬†Dalmatian¬†Coast which is know for its beaches and fortresslike complex at the Diocletian Palace).

Did I mention that the old city in Split is a UNESCO heritage site? I spent 5 days and 4 nights in Croatia and here is what I got up to (and hopefully inspiration for your trip to Croatia).



I arrived into Dubrovnik at midday which meant that I had enough time to begin exploring. I stayed at the Hilton which was a mere 2 min walk into the old town. I then took the cable car up to the top of the city, grabbed a baileys coffee and walked down the hill to an incredible meal (a recommendation made by my Croatian airport driver).


The gates to the old city in Dubrovnik


Walking through the old city, I decided to surround myself with beauty. One actually took out my ear rings.


Making new friends: Many were friendly and wanted to take pics!!


Enjoying some gelato in the old town


One of the many beautiful paths/staircases in the old town

IMG_8865Such a beautiful city


After the cable car ride from the town, we grabbed a seat at the Panorama Restaurant and sipped our baileys coffee whilst absorbing the stunning (I mean extremely stunning) views of Dubrovnik.


Absorbing the beauty of this city on our walk down to an amazing restaurant “Konoba Dubrava”

Touch down at “Konoba Dubrava” where I had an unforgettable time


The plan for today was to explore more of the old town, explore the Game Of Thrones set, set sail on the waters and go exploring. Unfortunately weren’t able to charter a boat as the weather was not great.

IMG_8810 3

On our way to explore Dubrovnik from Fort Lovrijenac….what a view!!!

IMG_8811 2

Exploring the stunning walls at Fort Lovrijenac (There was a fee to enter the fort)


Another view of the city from the Fort. This view shows our hotel


We left Dubrovnik at 6am on a bus to Split (bus was approximately 15 EURS). The bus took us approx 4 hours to Split and we then checked in at a beautiful boutique hotel before we began to indulge in the town. Walk around the old city, indulge in some good food (Try Villa Spiza for great home cooked food and Restaurant Sperun), take tour of the city, explore the many museums if history is your thing. I recommend



A view of the port of Spilt from the beautiful window in the old town


Exploring this UNESCO heritage site in the city of Split


The city is filled with many museums and a few Cathedrals


The statue represents Bishop Gregory of Nin, a Croatian Bishop that strongly opposed the Pope. It has been told that the rubbing of the statue’s toe will bring good luck (Trust me to keep rubbing on the toe for a while)


This trip to Bosnia was not part of my well planned itinerary but after speaking to locals and a friend of mine from Serbia, I was advised that it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t go. The trip to Mostar, Bosnia was approx. 3.5 hours and truly flew by.
IMG_8843¬†“In mostar”


We took an early bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik where we then caught our flight back to London. The bus was an hour late but given we had allocated enough time, we made our flight. I would suggest factoring in bus delays when travelling between cities in Croatia due to e.g. passport checks, bus delays e.t.c



What did I enjoy: The views, the food and the people. The warmth of the Croatian people was incredible.

What didn’t I like/What would I change: The weather wasn’t the best. We travelled in April so I would suggest that people travel in the summer around June (when the weather is a bit stable) but I could imagine that the city would also be incredibly packed then.

I would visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. A few travellers I met said it was probably the one of the most stunning places on earth they had been too. I had heard of it but I didn’t have enough time to visit.

Would I go back?: Yes, certainly



  • Avoid tourist traps e.g. Some of the costly tours can be conducted by yourself with a free map (available at hotel lobby and travel centres).
  • Avoid restaurants in the old city (or at least do some research on trip advisor prior to going there) as they can be very very expensive
  • The view from the top of the cable car is a MUST. I am sure I spent 2 hours there sipping my baileys coffee (it was a bit cold so happy that guests at the Panorama restaurant were given blankets)
  • Eat at the¬†Konoba Dubrava in Dubrovnik – The food, the wine, the hospitality at this restaurant was unreal and second to none. I have never felt so much at home “away from home” as I did at this restaurant. Hence why I spent 6 hours there.
  • Make sure to visit other parts of Croatia. Dubrovnik can be done in a day or two.
  • In Dubrovnik and Split, ensure to stay at close tom the old town especially if you are not mobile.
  • A Bosnia day trip is very much worth it.

Have you been to Croatia before? What was your most memorable moment in Croatia?



To be honest, I should be ashamed of this post. Well not of the post but of the fact that it took me over 9 years to actually write this post. I actually lived a 4 min walk to Chiswick House and Gardens for 9 years and I only on a recent holiday decided to check what the hype was about (bear in mind the gardens are only 9 miles from central london so a great option for perfect day out in London):


The map of the Chiswick house and its vast gardens

To give you some history, Chiswick House and Gardens is the birthplace of the English¬†landscape movement. The 65 acres of Grade I listed gardens are stunning and have an amazing array of architectural¬†delights and wilderness areas amongst other beauties. I wasn’t able to go inside Chiswick house as it was closed until April 2017 but the beauty the gardens had to offer was more than sufficient. Nevertheless, there was so much to soak in and here is my visual diary:


Chiswick house in all its glory!


View of chiswick house



On Chiswick grounds is a beautiful lake with many ducks and ducklings for all you nature lovers




Another view of Chiswick house


A view of the cascade waterfall at Chiswick Gardens


A section of the gardens was built to look like paintings


At the classic bridge


View of the lake from the Classic bridge


Ionic Temple, Obelisk and Amphitheatre


What I loved: So much beauty to be seen here. The gardens, lakes and grounds are spectacular and a perfect weekend chill-zone. Also the grounds are free entry for all but there are other fees to enter inside Chiswick house itself. See more details here.

What I didn’t like: The weather could have been better which would have lengthened the amount of time I spent. That’s what I get for visiting London in winter. I could imagine how much more stunning it would be here in the summer.

Who should visit: Everyone! Its the perfect day out for families or even if you are on a date (There is a cafe on the grounds too). Did I mention its a gorgeous spot for a wedding?? Views to make those wedding pictures stunning.

What other gems are worth visiting in LONDON. Share with me!!!



A guide to visiting Gruyere, Switzerland

If you love love love cheese or simply love the peace and tranquility and beauty Switzerland has to offer, please please venture to Gruyeres. Gruyères is a town in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. I ventured to Gruyeres when I was visiting one of my Swiss friends in Lausanne, Switzerland. I wanted a day trip not too far from Lausanne and here we were in Gruyere (only a 40 min car ride away).


The map of Gruyeres

Gruyere was named the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2014.


The view from our walk from the car park


The view from the main street in Gruyeres


The swiss artist playing us some tunes with a traditional swiss instrument, “The alphorn”


Lost my foundue pics but essentially this is what we ate all day at Gruyeres…Cheese, Cheese, More Cheese, bread and wine.

Image: ghmhotels


Artisan Chocolate in Gruyeres for all the chocolate lovers ūüôā


What I loved: The views, simply to die for. The weather given it was summer ūüôā The cheese and the wine.

What I didn’t like:¬†Well if you don’t like cheese, there wasn’t much of an extended menu available. I guess you don’t really venture to Gruyeres if you don’t like cheese.

Would I go back to Gruyeres: Maybe but I feel its like one of those places you tick off so there isn’t a urge to go back especially if you don’t live in Switzerland. It’s unlikely I would fly out from Lagos just to visit Gruyeres but if I was in Switzerland, why not? #PerfectDayOut


Have you ever been to Gruyeres before and if so, what did you love about it? Share in comments below


The truth is when the world mentions Greece, most of us think “Santorini” as if to say it was the only island worth visiting. Today is not about Santorini but about another little gem Ios. Ios is an island in cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. Ios is only about 18km long and 10km wide. If there is one thing that the island is known for is that it is a party island. I went to Ios as part of a trip where I visited other islands in the group from Santorini to Mykonos (Stay tuned for my write-up on these other islands). Below is my visual diary of what I got up to on the island #Enjoy


Arriving by ferry to Ios


Enroute to our hotel



A view from the balcony in my stunning hotel (Dionysos Seaside Resort)


My room at the hotel


My gem of a hotel – DIONYSOS


How I spent my day (Relaxing)


Beach vibes at the Milopotas beach a short walk from my hotel


Milopotas beach


My favourite restaurant in Ios (You literally pick the fish you want cooked from the sea) 


Some of the amazing heavenly food delicacies 


Me and my travel partners at Drakos


Almyra by the sea


One of the many divine seafood meals in Ios

What I loved about Ios: The seafood (especially the restaurant Drakos) was just AMAZING. And our hotel, it was such a little gem that I would love to replicate once I open my own hotel (some day, some day lol)

What I didn’t like: The island was somewhat taken over by children i.e. teenagers who were seeking freedom so was a little bit irritating in some locations on the island.

Would I go back: For the food, 100%

Travel Tip: Book your ferry to the islands in advance to avoid any disappoint as they get very packed especially in the summer months

Getting Around: Some people rent cars but we simply booked cabs given we were only on the island for 2 days. I don’t think it’s necessary to rent a car on the island¬†as least for us as we¬†walked around a lot as we were close to beaches and restaurants.

Hope you enjoyed my write-up on Ios. And hopefully it inspired you somewhat. Do let me know if you have any questions.