With the value of the Naira diminishing every day, it is the case that many Nigerians are re-thinking their annual Dubai and US holidays. The truth is that many Nigerians do not feel they have gone on holiday until they have checked-in their luggage at Murtala Muhammed airport and jumped on an international flight.

There are many gems in this country of ours as alternatives and it takes just a little research to unearth them. One of these gems for me was at the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort based in the Ibeju Lekki. I went to this resort for a day and below is my visual diary and review of my trip at the end. Here also is a video I made of my trip. Enjoy!


The cute corner in the reception room at the resort


The bus that drove my cousin (pictured) and I from the reception area to the beach and back (about a 10min walk so certainly walkable). 


The gorgeous beach beds that can be rented for the day or night


Activities were vast at the resort (above was pool volleyball)


A snippet of the really long CLEAN pool with pool bars


An island in the pool


Beach vibes


“Yoru’bar” – One of the many bars at the resort (The name playing on the yoruba tribe name)


One of the accommodation areas. LabaLaba village hosts huts like the ones below which were gorgeous but if you are looking for luxury, I would say to upgrade to the other accomodations.


In front of “Laba 5” (one of the cheaper yet decent accommodation options)

Review of the resort:

Accommodation: I didn’t sleep overnight as I went on a day trip but I did request a tour of the “Laba” and “Obieze” rooms. They were certainly impressive and I was tempted to stay the night.

Activities: So many options from kayaking to basketball to volleyball to many other games.

Cleaniness: I was impressed by how clean the beach and common areas were. There were an abundant of staff on ground everywhere I turned which created the impression that there was always someone around to help.

Food: I had no experience of the food served as our group came prepared with our own bbq spread.

Security: I felt quite secure just because there were “serious” security guards on entrance into the resort.

What I didn’t like: Nothing much to say to be honest as I had not set my expectations high but I was blown away.

Would I go back: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Perfect for: Honeymoon, girls retreat, company retreats. I would also recommend people to stay overnight as I felt that was the best way to get the most of the resort.


Hope you enjoyed the write-up. Do let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.




  1. Hi! So I’ve read many reviews on other blogs that seem scary, but your pictures are so convincing. Please how much was the gate fee, do I have to pay extra fees to use the pool, go kayaking or quad biking? Also, would I have to pay for food entry and was there any form of music playing there?

    1. Hi Adeola! It was actually a lovely place that I know has been extensively renovated so maybe when people went there, it was not as nice. I remember the entry fee to be N6000 (for adults) when I was there. It was N3000 OR so for children. There were no extra fees for the pool but for other activities like kayaking and biking, yes (but if you stay overnight, I believe it is free/cheaper). Yes there is music playing as there are a number of bars at the venue. Hope that helps. Check out my youtube vlog on my trip

  2. wooa. i have been there for an excursion sponsored by la campagne in collaboration with institute of cultural studies OAU. it was really was worth it. the place truly is a marriage of nature and man…

  3. La Campagne is a disaster. From the reception which is not well air-conditioned, the receptionists are very slow to confirm your booking even if after reminding them that you are on your way and having booked ahead, the food is nothing to write home about, the taste is awful and food is served cold, the pool is dirty, the rooms are upside down with you calling the room steward and having to yell before fault are fixed, light goes off and comes back after 5 minutes leaving you in dark, the water not running, the grills are wack and my son almost threw up eating their ram suya. now i see why Nigerians go abroad to get best of service. i cannot put almost 600k on the table for 3 days and all i get is awful and disgusting experience. Never would I find my feet there again. My first and my last.

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