A guide to visiting Gruyere, Switzerland

If you love love love cheese or simply love the peace and tranquility and beauty Switzerland has to offer, please please venture to Gruyeres. Gruyères is a town in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. I ventured to Gruyeres when I was visiting one of my Swiss friends in Lausanne, Switzerland. I wanted a day trip not too far from Lausanne and here we were in Gruyere (only a 40 min car ride away).


The map of Gruyeres

Gruyere was named the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2014.


The view from our walk from the car park


The view from the main street in Gruyeres


The swiss artist playing us some tunes with a traditional swiss instrument, “The alphorn”


Lost my foundue pics but essentially this is what we ate all day at Gruyeres…Cheese, Cheese, More Cheese, bread and wine.

Image: ghmhotels


Artisan Chocolate in Gruyeres for all the chocolate lovers 🙂


What I loved: The views, simply to die for. The weather given it was summer 🙂 The cheese and the wine.

What I didn’t like: Well if you don’t like cheese, there wasn’t much of an extended menu available. I guess you don’t really venture to Gruyeres if you don’t like cheese.

Would I go back to Gruyeres: Maybe but I feel its like one of those places you tick off so there isn’t a urge to go back especially if you don’t live in Switzerland. It’s unlikely I would fly out from Lagos just to visit Gruyeres but if I was in Switzerland, why not? #PerfectDayOut


Have you ever been to Gruyeres before and if so, what did you love about it? Share in comments below