Why I am AWED by Tiwa Savage and why YOU should be too!

I am not sure which rock you have been hiding under if you haven’t heard about the Tiwa Savage saga (I am addressing my African  people here but possibly my international people too since Tiwa Savage is one of Nigeria’s biggest stars). Tiwa has been trending on Twitter for the past few days. I will try and sum up why here.

Tiwa did an exclusive with Pulse TV dishing out pretty much everything about her marriage from her hubby  stepping out on her to her essentially holding the house down whilst he borrowing money she had to paid back (to him stealing her money and using drugs whilst paying zero for their kid’s diapers). Honestly just watch the youtube link at the end of my post for some serious talk from our star Tiwa (as my friend mentioned, you need to sit down quietly with some tea to take this one in. Did I mention he tried to commit suicide before this interview (but his celebrity friend just happened to be at the bridge at the same time to save him?)

The point of my post today is not to dive into she issues highlighted in her interview but to tell you why am awed by her, why I respect her, why she is one of a kind. Yes, ONE OF A KIND

1. Tiwa seemed to be the provider in the family and held in down for her and her hubby whilst he didn’t have much (and whilst he also put her in debt). Honestly, it takes a one-of-a-kind Nigerian woman to be holding it down in this day and age (actually maybe I am naiive here, maybe many naija women are like Tiwa and simply never spill they are the breadwinner in their homes). Some will say she was stupid but I will say she was committed to making those she loved better (and what wouldn’t we ALL do for those we truly love?)

2. She stood by him through atrocities. Ok, this one needs expanding. I have noticed that my Nigerian men believe it is ok for them to cheat (I mean serious cheating) and that it is part and part of the parcel. I remember a guy friend telling me that women can’t have it all. In his words “If he’s rich and taking care of you, it’s not big deal if he cheats – at least he is taking care of you” #IHaveDied50Times #ThisMenAreSmokingSomething. I hail her for understanding the meaning of commitment and remaining committed (in her marriage) #AssumingItsAllTrue.

3. A lot of people have bashed her on social media for doing this 45min interview (FYI Nigerian critics are the worst critics to ever come across #TheyWillSlaughterYou – like seriously! you will think you did something personal to them – BUT they are also the most entertaining ones) spilling the beans on her relationship. I personally hail her. It takes guts, serious guts to get on TV and admit I made a crazy crazy mistake for choosing this man, for tolerating his BS and admit she was done. Like some serious balls (This is Nigeria, a country where people like suffering in silence and keeping their things on the DL all to keep perception that they are living the good life). #AsLongAsThisIsntSomeTwistedPRStunt

Honestly, I am in awe of her for keeping it real. I am in awe of her for choosing love, for remaining committed to love, for protecting love and for having the courage to say she wants to let go when she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Tiwa, I am in AWE of you for admitting you are HUMAN.

Too many of us are too weak to admit this. Being human is OK and REAL (I am sure many women relate to Tiwa and she has in some way has spoken out on behalf of thousands if not millions of women and because of that, she has my respect.)

What do you think about the whole #TiwaSavage situation? Was she wrong for doing the interview? For sharing her truth? I would love to hear your thoughts


“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” || Ann Landers

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