What men ACTUALLY want (The unfiltered truth)

Ladies!! Has your man ever hit you with the ‘if only you knew what I want” line? (ouch!), stings doesn’t it? Quite a number of us women commit immense time and energy to make sure our man is happy but most times, it seems like energy is being wasted. We spend hours online looking online for inspirational dishes. We then spend hours rummaging the supermarkets for the ingredients, not to mention those hot long hours in the kitchen trying to throw down an amazing 5 course dinner, to received a “Thanks” from our man. This is exactly why I’ve been inspired to create this post to let you know what it is that your man really really wants. Some of you might need to hold your weaves for this one because these men are needy to put it lightly.

1. SEX

Men love intimacy and want to be able to express that in an intimate way on a regular basis. Nothing much left to say here. That simple.


You may think you support your man because you’re always there for him during tough times. Nice but the kind of support they need is the kind you give when his favourite sports team is playing (did someone say huh???). Your man really wants support when he’s watching his favorite sports team play. If you can’t stand watching sports (a lot of women can’t), try to at least make sure he enjoys his game by not being a distraction. If you want to get in his good books, buy him his favorite player’s jersey.


Calm down, it’s not what you’re thinking. What I mean is an escape from most of the boring outings we all engage in these days. A lot of us ladies make our man go on outings like attending our book clubs, our weird doctors appointments and even shopping trips. Honestly, women that take their men shopping are just the worst in men’s books (unless he’s paying then we don’t care how he feels #joking).


No guy wants an overly emotional being as a partner. Men don’t want to be burdened with the need to sugarcoat their words especially when trying to offer productive critique. They love the idea of their woman being able to handle her emotions especially when handling issues concerning the relationship.


Every man wants a playful lady, one who he can keep him smiling despite the stress that comes with life. A lot of us ladies can neither give nor take a joke meanwhile guys love women who can laugh at anything. A male friend of mine once said “Astrophysics should be left for the classroom and not the home”.


It goes without saying that you can’t give what you do not have. Ideal women possess certain levels of self-respect and this can reflect in how much you respect your man. Respect being that you understand most of his needs and you give him just enough space to express himself without making yourself a priority over him.


There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who is confident within and loves herself. Guys see landing a confident woman like getting an ultimate prize because they know you have your own thing going that keeps you happy and so even when they’re not there, you’re good. Essentially, guys don’t want a needy woman but at the same time, they need you to need them (hope you get my drift).

Guys are not as simple as we mistake them to be ladies, so we really should try to make extra effort to figure out makes them happy (Simply ask your man, and you’ll find the keys). No point wasting our time doing what we think they need when we can simply focus on what they need. For the ladies, I’ll share my sassy post on what women want next week. And FYI just because I have put up a list of what men want doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to give it to them. I want a mansion in beverly hills, I want to be a billionaire, I want to have my cake and also eat it…you can see I want a lot, it doesn’t mean I can’t survive without it!

Men and women often want the same things, we just need each other to bring it out. – Steve Harvey

So do you agree with this or you think I have completely missed the mark? Let me know by commenting below.

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