What women really want (THE UNFILTERED TRUTH)

It would be completely unfair to let women know what guys really want and not do the same for the guys (all in the name of equality, of course). So many articles out there are selling men the tricks to making their women happy. Most are not honest so I thought to save you the cash and time and simply spill out the unwritten and unfiltered truth. So as a follow up from what guys really want, here I am with what we ladies really want:


(1) MONEY 

No woman in the 21st century is likely going to throw herself in a financially difficult relationship. Most women in this century can cater for themselves and as much as they preach equality, deep inside they seek a man that can hold it down not only emotionally but also financially. We want to feel secure and as much as some may deny it, money plays a huge part in that security.



Now guys, listen and listen real good, we’re absolutely tired of asking you how we look and you respond with lines like “I love you just the way you are” knowing well you are simply trying to be nice. Women love direct physical compliments like ‘your ass looks absolutely stunning in that dress’ so try being more specific with your compliments and see how your girl responds, you’d be surprised. #ThankMeLater



Women love to be surprised. I really wish I could emphasis more on that word “LOVE” because the guys that do this often know how much extra points they score. We women love the idea that you’re thinking about us 24/7 (even though we know its a lie), so little gestures like sending flowers to our office and stopping by unannounced to take us out to eat, could go a long way in keeping us happy.



This is really important because men misunderstand what it means to be a good listener and most of us women often get offended by your responses during conversations. For example, I was in a conversation with my boyfriend explaining how much I disliked a co-worker and right in the middle of the conversation he says “but don’t you think you take things a bit too far?” #WhoAskedForYourOpinion. Truth is comments like these offend most of us. We expect you to listen and if we ask your opinion, you take our side even if it kills you. Know when your opinion is warranted and when it isn’t.



Hold up!!! We’re not necessarily searching for a comedian, but every girl has a soft spot for a funny guy (It’s what we Nigerian girls refer to as our Mumu button). The thing with funny guys is they get away with so much simply because they know how to spin our moods from mad/sad to happy at the speed of light.



However insignificant our actions may seem to you, we want to know that you payed attention and appreciated it. By simply saying “Thank you” (because you want to not because you have to).  AVOID giving sarcastic compliments like “this is the best meal you’ve made in ages babe”,  we hate it! (are you trying to say our past meals were bad??). Simply say “Babe, I love this and thanks for taking the time to make this for me”.


Every girl wants you to think she’s the best thing that ever happened to you (even if it’s a lie). You may after reading this list believe women want too much…I can not argue with you on this one, I can only provide you with the truth. Do with it as you please.

I can’t pretend like guys don’t put in the work, I am simply saying you need a little more help. So ladies what else is it that you REALLY want from your man that I might have left out? Let me know by making use of the comments section below.

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