7 Kinds of Men Who Do Not Deserve Your Attention

Finding the right potential partner in life is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It is not impossible but I can certainly testify that it can be a difficult, time exhausting and sometimes painful process. It is clear to all of us that perfection does not exist and that there are indeed no perfect people out there. But we can all also testify that there are some men out there that are not worth giving your time of day to (For the men, don’t forget to read my piece on the women to steer clear of). Those are the ones that I am about to enlighten you on. This is my attempt to assist you in saving you some time and of course sanity. Here they are:


If you are not into this type of guy and you spot him, don’t waste your time thinking you can change him. Filter him out asap. Some of them hide it on the first few dates but that’s just for as long as you can keep a fish out of water alive. When he starts showing you telltale signs of always getting drunk, you need to exit the scene. And like I said, if you are not naturally into the drunk ones – stay away.


A guy does not need to be rich to pay up his bills, he only needs to be responsible. A guy who constantly feels lazy about paying his own bills or even for at least his own portion of the meal at the table should be far away from the potential list. If a guy is really into you, he should naturally want to pay the bills for the date (you may disagree but each to their own). If not because he wants to impress you with his ability to provide for you, he will do it out of manners. I wouldn’t entertain anyone who signals me to pay up for everything when the bill arrives especially without prior notice.


You know next to nothing about this guy. You have zero information about his family, friends and even colleagues (even his google search comes up with “Your search – MYSTERY MAN – did not match any documents). He is a mysterious stranger. Relationships with a man without a past hardly ever ends happily. Moreover why would you want to endanger yourself by getting involved with someone who hides things about himself from you?


If you have seen the movie “The perfect Guy”, you would remember how Michael Ealy was the all smooth-talking and charming guy for the first part before his temperament got the better of him. A man’s temper is part of the things to watch in the first few days. A good guy will listen to you and communicate effectively even if you do not agree on the same issues. The volcano guy will bitch and throw tantrums and sooner or later, he may hit you. Save your future self the headache and bruises. You don’t want that guy (I hope so).


This is the authoritarian. He is the one to tell you the right amount of make-up you need, the jewelry you must not wear and even food to eat. He is usually aggressive and controlling and will tell you “it is for your own good”. If he dictates to you what you need to do at every time, you are dealing with a tyrant. Steer clear.


This is the attention seeker. He always craves attention (i.e admiration), no matter what the company may be. He often interrupts others, sprinkles jokes (not always witty) and sure enough, he is going to be angry if there is no response or laughter from you. The main object of his interest, is not you, but himself.


True enough a man needs to be dedicated to his job and most times having a solid career is often his biggest priority. However it is important that he knows the word “balance”. If he finds it hard to balance his work and personal life and he is not willing to learn how to, you may have issues on your hands. He may never be ready. If he wants to be with you, he has to find time for you (if you can survive without attention, you can stay).


You might think to yourself that many men hold some of the attributes above but truth is also that many don’t. However the truth is we all compromise in life and the best way to ensure we come out happy is that we evaluate what really matters to us. And not just what matters to us today but what will matter to our future self. Only when we are able to do this can we actually steer clear of danger.

Did I miss out on any men women should steer clear of? Let me know them as am sure you’ve all had experience of them.

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