The coastal city of Lagos has some of the best beaches in Nigeria. As much as the beach can be a place to unwind and let loose, there are certain things I wouldn’t do on beaches in Lagos. Whether it be Elegushi beach, Tarkwa bay, Eleko or the many likes, my sentiment remains the same. The exception being a super private beach.


The beach is a place to show a bit of skin but truth is a considerable amount of Nigerians are quite conservative (at least in public). As much as I may want to look sexy and free at the beach, I simply “leave the bikini at home” or keep it tucked under my dress. Doing otherwise will ensure that I would have nominated myself as the entertainment for the day (And trust me, no one wants to be the entertainment except those ones that are looking for business *wink*).

2) PDA

If you happen to be going to the beach in Lagos with you boo, it is advisable to get over the need to “express your love” (aka konji). Try making out as much as you want before hitting the beach. Lagosians do not take to kindly to people doing the things they assume should be left reserved for the bedroom out in the open. They may not hesitate to express their disgust. 


Unless I am planning to donate to pickpockets and petty thieves, I avoid crowds at beaches. It is advisable to remain far away from crowds. If people gather around you, RUN! #ThatSimple


I am not a smoker but some have said that the beach is best experienced when high. If you happen to be a smoker #notjudginghere, I would not advise you do so at the beaches in Lagos as you can’t predict what is in that roll up.


I know what you’re thinking, “That’s the reason I ventured here in the first place” right?. I don’t (and no one does) take chances given I know people have drowned in the past (The overly adventurous ones). And truth is very few of our beaches have coastal lifeguards stationed around the beach so why take such a risk.


A number of the beaches in Lagos are undeniable untidy because of the inability of visitors to refrain from dropping litter. So whenever you visit any of the beaches in Lagos, try as much as possible not to drop any litter.


The beaches in Lagos are beautiful places to relax and really switch off from the bustle of Lagos during the weekends. I think to sum up, I am simply advising you not to lose yourself and think you’re abroad in the west. Understand Lagos beach etiquette.

Have you been to a beach in Lagos? Any thing stick out to you. Let me know

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