Yellow Fever Card in Nigeria: How to Get it in 2019?


The federal government has introduced E-Yellow card in order to stop touts from hawking and selling fake cards to passengers at international airports in the country. I personally have had my experience with touts at the Lagos international airport trying to sell fake yellow fever cards for N3k.

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The new yellow fever card will cost N2000 and will need to be paid online via card payment.


STEP 1:Visit 

“STEP 2: click on Register

“STEP 3: Fill in your personal information and click on submit button.

“STEP 4: Click on Payment button, generate your Remita Retrival Receipt (RRR) code and pay the sum of N2,000 online (or go to the bank).

“STEP 5: Take the payment receipt along with your international passport to any Port Health Services Office to get vaccinated and obtain the yellow card.”

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55 Replies to “Yellow Fever Card in Nigeria: How to Get it in 2019?”

    1. Which Bank is payment made and what happens to someone who has been vaccinated like me in Nov 2017 and need to travel

  1. Must your be valid?
    My passport has expired and I want to get the yellow fever card so as to travel to Ghana…
    I need to know if I must renew my passport to do that..

    1. It was useful. Thanks, though I could not print my remote receipt after payment as it kept on forever and I have to terminate the print.

  2. Hello good morning. Please the yellow card I have is for the republic of Ghana. Can I use it when traveling out of Nigeria? And I have already taken the vaccine in Ghana

    1. Hello Nelly, Yes the yellow fever card you have for Ghana is sufficient to use when traveling out to Nigeria.

  3. Hi mate,

    My yellow fever card is from Latvia ( europe), it is okey to used when come to Nigeria? How I understand from 1st of July all cards need to be with 6 digital number?

    1. Thanks a bunch. That was helpful and came at the right time. But I’m sorry, what do you mean by port health services office?

  4. Hello
    Can I use my permanent voters card number in place of Nigerian passport for yellow card registration. If yes which of the numbers on the pvc am I supposed to enter.

  5. I found this to be very helpful. Please it is true that i will need one when travelling and another when returning for a week trip to say Ghana?

    1. Travelling soon and my yellow card was issued in 2014 ,can I still use it .
      Or change to the new card, really don’t want to go through any struggle at the airport

  6. Good morning, thanks for this information. I got my yellow card in December 2018 . Does that mean its invalid now and i have to get the e-yellow card?

  7. It was useful. Thanks, though I could not print my remita receipt after payment as it kept on forever and I have to terminate the print.

  8. Can I get the e-Yellow card in any government ministry of Health aside air-port or is it only in the air-port only I can get it done? Please, show more light.

  9. It was quite useful but I could not make payment online, and the bank branches click did not respond. Can you help with that? Especially with the bank branches.

  10. Pls I want to know the place I can take my receipt of yellow card registration to so that I can get my vaccination and yellow card in Edo state Nigeria, please explain to me.

  11. IDIROKO BORDER PORT HEALTH OFFICERS are disgraceful to the Nigeria nation, i was told today to go and make payment to remita via PORT HEALTH SERVICE. which i did as instructed, on getting back the OFFICERS are now demanding for BRIDE. They are asking me to pay three thousand naira (3,000) before they can issue me the yellow card. which have already payed to the PORT HEALTH SERVICES ACCOUNT.
    I plea to the people concern to look into this before its get of hands.

  12. Hi sassyfunke,

    Could you be so kind to tell me if this same process is required to get a yellow fever card?

      1. Dear Funke,
        After 2000naira online payment for the yellow card, Oyo state Federal secretariat vaccination point are still insisting on collecting 2000naira physical cash before the card/vaccine can be received.

  13. what i hav been vacinated previosly by the primary health care general vaccination campaign do i av to get anothe vaccination

  14. what if i have been vaccinated previously by the primary health care general vaccination campaign do i av to get another vaccination

  15. Must one come with a valid international passport to get the yellow fever card?
    Thanks though, this was helpful… But doing it online and everything how long will it take?

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