“The worst airline in Nigeria”. This post is not intended to bash any airline but to give a platform for Nigerians (and travelers in Nigeria) to share their negative experiences they have had to face in Nigeria. I also gave them the platform to share their best airline in Nigeria.

I posed a question on my instagram stories (Follow me on instagram here): “NAME one airline in Nigeria you would never recommend or fly again” and this is what the Nigerian public had to say:

Some people decided to slide into my DMs to share stories of their own personal experience and of those close to them in. See below:

Given the wide spread response on different airlines, it could be said that the Nigerian aviation industry isn’t doing much to protect the Nigerian customer. One lady lamented on twitter over how she has been waiting 5 months for a flight refund as below:

So lets talk, what has been your worst experience on a Nigerian Airline? and if there is an airline you wouldn’t recommend to your family and friends, WHO and WHY?

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