I wonder why people venture to Zurich

When I hear Switzerland, I think chocolates and luxury (What better combo?? :)). When I heard Zurich, I didn’t think much per say simply because I knew little of the city and as such had little expectation. So it has been a month since I got back from Zurich. I have been to Switzerland a few times (Geneva and Lausanne) but never to Zurich so I was definitely excited about the trip. A business school friend’s wedding party was the sole reason I ventured to this city and let’s just say I was glad I did (aside from the weather – I am sorry but the cold weather and I will never be friends).

So after my near 10 hour journey from Lagos (Nigeria), how was I to spend 3 nights in a city I knew little about about. Thankful to my friend who I shared my hotel room with who was the extraordinaiire planner, I think I did Zurich pretty well. From embarking on a guided tour of the old town to eating in an authentic Swiss restaurant to stalking Tina Turner (not quite as I only made it to her gate), I took in a lot of Zurich. Rather than bore you any longer, check out Sassy’s Zurich gallery below.



My Highlights: Views from Felsenegg

What I didn’t like: The sub-zero weather 🙁

My Overall view of the city: Fun/Efficient/Picturesque -Felt like a working city (a city where working singletons would have a blast & make a lot of money) but not necessarily one to build a family.

Have you been to Zurich before?? If so, tell me what your best highlights were? If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for? 🙂



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