4 essential rules to adhere to as a wedding guest in Nigeria

Wedding parties in Nigeria are truly the greatest! They are colourful, vibrant and full of people who are either genuinely in high-spirit for the couples or simply want to pre-drink before they heard to the club. There is no party like our party anywhere else in the world! Nigerian parties have the best Jollof rice, and any party with Jollof rice is always a party worth attending. The music is also as fleek and groovy as the dance moves that accompanies it. And if you have crazy friends, be sure that they would make you feel giddy and excited like it were there own party as well. Anyway, the last part may be the only thing liable to have glitches – “PEOPLE”. There is just a thin line between making someone’s party memorable for them and turning it into a nightmare. Many people can’t tell the difference. That’s why I have created this four important rules for all party guests in Nigeria. So you can tell when you have or are beginning to cross the line.


Whatever party you attend, I know you want to slay. It is perfectly alright to look gorgeously dressed. However try not to overdo it. Especially at weddings. Do not outshine the bride! Do not wear anything white, or even remotely so. You can wear something with a touch of white to a wedding but try not to be a deliberate attention-grabber.  Your host may not show displeasure but you have somehow taken their show and this is selfish. Some people even go as far as deliberately wearing something different from the dress code. Don’t be that person. If they want black and gold, go in black and gold or anything close. Because the party is theirs, not yours.


If an invitation was sent to you which admits only you to a party, do not try to smuggle in someone else. People make plans based on an expected number of people. You would be turning their event into a nightmare if they do not have enough to cater for everyone present because people like you brought in more people. If your friends want to tag along, make sure you request the host’s consent. However in Nigeria, some people just do not like to hear about parties and not show up. 


Photography is meant to capture all the beautiful moments and its importance cannot be over-emphasized. When you see a professional cameraman, do not jump in front of it as though it is a documentary about you. We all know you want to be featured on Bella Naija but have some self restraint. You brought along your own phone (and extra battery and “LuMee” light) so make good use of it and snapchat all you want but let the photographers capture the moments that matter most to the celebrant. Also when taking pictures with the host, unnecessary and silly face-making is annoying and distracting. Don’t draw attention to yourself (Pictures are pretty when you smile simply).


I know you probably bought an Aso-ebi of N20,000 and you think you have done well. The good gesture of handing celebrants and couples gifts at their events is a timeless tradition.  When you give out gifts, it is an opportunity to send a goodwill message or prayers. And also shows that you are not a freeloader but a person genuinely celebrating others. Remember that the cost of putting together that wedding dwarfs the cost of your aso-ebi and make-up

Finally, keep to all the above rules.

Do you adhere to any of the rules above when attending parties in Nigeria?  Tell me what other rules you think people should follow.

Image: Adufe’s Blog

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