The Pros and Cons to dating an expat

Here in Lagos, aside from the likes of the “Dangotes” (aka one of Nigeria’s super wealthy families) who to be honest are not within reach of most, the next best targets for dating are expats. Expats to be honest are within reach for almost any class in Nigeria hence why you sometimes have to do a double take when you see the kinds of women you see on dates with these men (you know exactly what I mean so I won’t spell it out). So lets jump into it, the pros and cons to dating an expat.

PRO 1: Financial Stability

Lets not pretend we don’t all want this. Who wants to slave for the rest of their lives? We know expats receive housing allowance, travel allowance, grocery allowance and even get their salaries probably delivered to their USD or GBP accounts abroad (and this is at a minimum). With the current economic situation in our country, this reason has never been truer.

PRO 2: That passport

  We all love our green naija passport but let us be honest with ourselves. If someone offered you a UK, Italian or American passport, would you say no? I’ll leave that there.

CON 1: When they are hot, they are hot. When cold, cold as ICE

  I feel expats love hard…they live far away from home so when they find a Nigerian partner they vibe with, they love hard but…yes BUT, the moment they fall out of love, that’s IT (there is no changing their mind). So perhaps best to get the most whilst in it because you never know how numbered your days are.

CON 2: Three-way love story

  Most expats had a life before they moved into the country. Some had wives, children, long term girlfriends…some of them decided not to move with them because of various reasons. And here you are falling in love with someone that may still be in love with someone else miles away. Who knows whether you are just a place holder, filling space until….

I have only mentioned a few pros and cons. I am sure some of you lovely readers have dated expats so please show us the way…what were the pros and cons when you sidelined your brothers/sisters and jumped on the expat bandwagon? 🙂

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