TRAVEL INSIGHT: Why Nigerians always travel to london?

This title is a bit misleading as the article really focuses on why Nigerians hardly change travel destinations. You always hear that Nigerians are always travelling to the same destinations notably London, Dubai, Turkey, Atlanta & Texas. You may think that we are not in the least creative but truth is there are many valid reasons why we stick to these locations (There is a method to our madness) and I am about to share them:


You may not necessary agree with this point given the vast spending the younger generation do especially if you’ve watched the documentary “Lagos to London: Britains New Super Rich”. You see the kids popping champagne in London clubs simply to wash their feet with it (Here is a link to those ones but note they represent the minority). Truth is we are the most money conscious people in the world, so we tend to travel where we have family or friends who are prepared to lodge us for FREE. London is a popular destination here.


Majority of the Nigerians that travel to Turkey or Dubai are not going there to primarily check out the museums and sites. They are not vacation (a vacation for the typical Nigerian means they did not go to work). They are there to buy gold, materials and handbags so that they can comfortably stock their shops back home in Nigeria. We are constantly thinking of how to increase our wealth. We spend money to make money.


This is one that I can testify to. Having a Nigerian passport restricts where in the world one can venture. Forget about being even welcome in another country, you are not even welcome in the embassies of some of these foreign countries in Nigeria. Very few Nigerians have the patience or energy to go through hoops and puzzles only to be granted a visa for 3 days (What an insult!! And you know we Nigerians are full of pride).


Nigerians are full of pride and don’t take being discriminated against lightly. Getting discriminated against is something we don’t handle well. It can make us never step into a country again. It can make us bad mouth that country to death and do everything in our power to ensure that whoever offended us is punished. Rather than open the possibility of this happening, we stick to places we know we will not necessary be respected but at least not insulted. What’s that quote again

Do you agree with my reasons? or perhaps you know of other reasons why Nigerians always travel to the same locations? Share 🙂

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