The art of Gatecrashing aka #Mogbomoya: How to do it well in Lagos and beyond

Unlike in the west where gatecrashing is not something one would dream of doing, in Nigeria we do it different.  In Lagos, Nigeria, gatecrashing is something most us have done and will continue to do in the future. Imagine it’s the weekend and you have no party plans but you have a mission to have a good time nevertheless..what to do? Truth is there are numerous events happening aka weddings but we all know that gatecrashing parties in Lagos has become much harder than before. Some parties now require an invitation with unique bar codes for entry (and the organizers will still place a bouncer in front of the venue like it’s Quilox nightclub).

But not to worry, I have some simple effective gatecrashing (aka. Mogbomoya) tips for you. With these tips, you can forever grate crash (not that I always do or do I? *wink*) any party.



You should know exactly what you want out of the party from the onset. Is it the party jollof? the souvenirs? Or the best man? Once you know what you want, then you can select the party wisely. Also make sure to look at the party’s hashtag on instagram to check out the calibre of party this is. You should always gate-crash with purpose. This crucial step in choosing the party wisely will ensure you fulfil your purpose. If your plan was to bag a billionaire, I doubt gate crashing a cheap wedding would be smart on your part given the investment you make have to put into it.

choosing-wisely Image:  jaguda



Some people stick out like a sore thumb. Dress up like it’s yours cousin’s wedding. Tie your gele (aka head tie) properly and make sure your make-up is on point (Everyone is a make-up artist nowadays so this there is no excuse for any sub par looking face). Upon entering into the party, make sure you enter with confidence such that any bouncer would think twice before asking you where you are going.


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This is a rookie mistake (and shame on you if you are Nigerian too, you know better than to be early or on time for an event). You don’t really want to venture into a party when the bouncers are still in full action. Go when the party is in full swing and when the people in attendance are more than the bouncers can handle.


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As you proceed to the entrance of the hall, wait until you see a very large group of people entering and quickly attach yourself to the group. Then, pretend to be on the phone as you walk in BUT don’t walk too fast. If one of the bouncers tries to stop you, give him the ‘you must be mad’ look (all Nigerians have perfected this look…if you have Nigerian friend, ensure they show you the look) and brush past.


Image: todaygh



Now what’s the point of getting into the Owambe #PARTY, blending in, and not getting what you came for (whether it be food or a man/woman or a connect). To make sure you are strategically well positioned, I would advise to sit close to the bridal train. The best things always find themselves there.


Image: molarawood.blogspot


The truth is we all gatecrash weddings (some more often than others) and but no one wants to be known as a gate-crasher. The gatecrashing business is not for the slow ones, you must be eagle-eyed and smart to come out on top.

Have I helped or at least entertained you? Share with me some #mogbomoya tips, (oh I know you have them). I can’t wait to hear them.

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