A GUIDE TO Visiting a Masai village in Kenya

Visiting a Masai village I believe is top 5 of must-dos in the Masai Mara. Seeing how true locals live was certainly important to me on my trip in Kenya. After a great day looking for lions and watching a lion hunt and kill his prey, we took a long drive far deep into the Masai Mara to visit a village. Below is my visual diary:


Arriving at the Masai village



Once we arrived at the village, we were introduced to the village chief after which we were taught a chant and dance.


Watching the men perform a traditional jumping dance.



A home in the village in construction. Women are in charge of the construction of the houses which are made from mud, sticks, grass, cow dung and cow’s urine (Talk about making the most of one’s own resources).


The finished product: How homes look like upon final construction.



The interior of the home with my smiley self.



The bed and kitchen shelves made of sticks and animal skin.



Shopping in the Masai village….Expensive so prepare your bargaining hat ready.


What I loved: In depth, fun tour of the Masai people..just over an hour long

Interesting fact: A lot of tourists have been known to take on Masai men as lovers and taken them back to the US, UK etc leaving some of these men’s wifes as widows. Consequently, other Masai men that remained in the villages have been known to take on additional wives to compensate.

Would I go back?: No but only because I believe its one of those things you tick off the box. Nevertheless I very much enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to others.


Have you visited a Masai village before? Were you impressed? I would love to hear your experience


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