The Rules Of Life

If you follow or stalk me on instagram (which you probably do because I am follow/stalk-worthy but anyways #SassyBeingSassy lol), you will know that I started to read Richard Templar’s “The Rules of Life” a few days ago. As the name suggests, it’s essentially a book of rules to guide us to get more out of life and to generally make us happier in life. One of the rules really struck me and made me realize that I have been doing somethings quite wrong.

The rule states: Know what counts and what doesn’t. It further dives in to say, “There are some things in this life that are important and a WHOLE lot of things that aren’t”. For illustrative purpose (so we get a sense of what Richard is trying to convey), spending quality with family counts, wearing the flashiest designer gear doesn’t. This particular example doesn’t relate to me but I believe what relates to me is that I know what doesn’t count and what counts but I believe I don’t do enough of what counts.

To break it down more, what counts is what enriches your soul, what grows you from within, what is positive and encouraging. What doesn’t count is those things that lack substance, those things that will feed our ego but leave us completely empty at the speed of light. It is not enough to know these things but everything to act upon what we know.

So my short word (aka two cents, aka freebie, aka lottery win) for you today is simple…Know what doesn’t matter and invest ZERO in it, Find what matters and invest EVERYTHING into it.

Can you relate to this rule? Do you have different thoughts? I would love to hear them!


There are some things in this life that are important and a whole lot of things that aren’t
|| Richard Templar

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    December 28, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    Another Great post… in the age of social media, you have to fight extra hard to discern what really matters!

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