Really, who are you?

This one was inspired from the sermon I had in church last Sunday. The sermon was focused on identity and giving us time to truly explore who we are (if we actually have an idea). The underlying message of the sermon was that we needed to understand who we were in God. The focus of the post isn’t religious but I believe it will have a significant meaning for every person reading this post.

The pastor used an example to explain to which I will share. She said imagine President Buhari (the current president of Nigeria). He is sure to know who he is, meaning he knows his worth, his struggle, the core of his being. So imagine he is then told that there is a meeting to attend and they brought a “Molue” (Image shared below) to him as his mode of transport.


She then asked “do you think he would get in?” The answer from the room was an uncontested “NO”. She said he would probably look at them and say that they made a mistake and brought this truck look-a-like to the wrong place.

The lesson she tried to instil was that President Buhari was so sure in his worth and being that he had lines and boundaries that were so clear to him that nothing unworthy could cross it. So the question I pose to you is, are you so sure in your being, do you know who you are that your lines and boundaries are so clear that even in the storm, you would still be able to recognise them?

She dived on to say that we needed to ensure that our identity is derived from the right place, a place so deeply rooted. Money or lack of it, where you work or where you don’t, who you know and who you do not know should not be our identity, it shouldn’t define us because if it does, who we are will be shake-able. So who are YOU?

I would love to hear  you thoughts

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” || Oscar Wilde



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