a GUIDE TO Glamping in Wadi Rum, Jordan

I have had my share of camping especially on the highlands in Scotland whilst I was a teen but over the past few years the notion of glamping was certainly welcomed. So what is Glamping? As the words eludes to, it is a fusion of Glamour and Camping. Essentially, camping without the hassle. There is no tent to pitch, no fire to build…sounds like having a baby without having to get pregnant (It’s all given to you on a gold platter), and who wouldn’t want that??

Some people want the adventure of camping over glamping but I am indifferent to both (even though my friends would certainly disagree). Whilst on a tour of Jordan, my friends and I spent 2 nights at the glam camp in Wadi Rum! See what we got up to below:


Posing in front of the Glam rooms in the desert

This was Glamping HQ aka lobby and restaurant #DesertVibes


We visited the Wadi Rum visitor centre prior to exploring the desert area which was few minutes away from Glamp HQ


Getting a tour of the Wadi Rum area by our very knowledgeable tour guide


Yours truly posing by the sand dunes where “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed


Our chef at Glam HQ prepping our food that was buried deep in the ground for about 4 hours


Dinner dugged up from the ground and delicious I must add.

Have you ever had a Glamping experience before? Please share your experience. If you need any tips on Glamping, feel free to ask me.

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