CHECKING IN: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

To date, this is probably one of my favourite holiday destinations and it wasn’t even for my honeymoon (not that I have had one to date anyways). I spent 6 nights at the Four Seasons Resort in the Seychelles and it was divine. From the rooms to the scenery to the service, I could not fault much or could I? hmmm read more and enjoy the Four Season’s through my eyes:



The beautiful villa (above). The whole resort was a combination of villas and private homes each hidden between trees. The villa I stayed in above was the standard villa. The entire villa had an built sound system which was impressive.


Another view of this gorgeous living space. Daily, the resort delivered treats specially made by the chef for complimentary consumption.


The bathroom was everything (with a view our private pool in sight). I connected with nature 🙂



The view from the Spa located at the top of the resort which ensured that the best view of the resort was from the Spa. I had a spa treatment and I was impressed by the level of service personnel but the quality of the treatment itself was debatable.



Trust me to engage in a photoshoot at the hotel’s private beach. The resort has vast complimentary watersports which I also engaged in. Snokerling was certainly the best activity I embarked on and I was amazed by the many species I encountered.



Pooltime any anyone??



Food is the one thing that I believe was certainly over-priced at the resort; The reason being that most food on the island was actually imported and very few products were manufactured on the island.




What I loved: The accommodation i.e. Villas were simply amazing. I could not fault the rooms. From the amazing sound systems to the stunning pool.

What could be better: The food. I am a foodie so naturally critical of food. The food wasn’t bad but if you’re like me in that when you indulge in food, you want it to be super worth it then you may be a bit disappointed. Also, food at the resort was very expensive as I mentioned earlier.

Would I go back: It’s certainly an ideal resort for a honeymoon or even a girl’s retreat so as long as my bank account is happy, it is certainly a possibility.


What is the most important thing you value when you spend time at a luxury hotel? I mean the one thing if you didn’t have, you would feel you wasted your money. Is it the service or the food quality or something else? Share your thoughts below!


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    December 24, 2019 at 5:58 am

    How much does one really need to do a 6 day visit to Seychelles? Thanks

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